Photo: Rona Perry

The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants invites you to take part in a unique tour in which asylum-seekers from Africa shed light on their world, their life and their stories.

Israeli and international media outlets, the Israeli public and Israeli decision-makers often refer to the African “infiltrators” who arrived to Israel through the border with Egypt, but very little is actually known about them. Why have they come to Israel? What is the difference between “infiltrators”, asylum-seekers and migrant workers?

In the tour, we will meet African asylum-seekers and get to know them. We’ll hear their story and see where they live. Together, we’ll tour the Neve Shaanan neighborhood, Levinsky Park, businesses run by asylum-seekers and important landmarks of the asylum-seeking communities.
We’ll hear background information and explanations by a Hotline activist and answer questions such as what is happening the countries of origin of the asylum-seekers, how their presence affected the neighborhoods of southern Tel Aviv, and how the State of Israel can better deal with their presence here.


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