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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is Israel’s leading organization protecting the rights of refugees, migrant workers and victims of human trafficking. For over 15 years Hotline staff and volunteers have been visiting Israel’s immigration detention centers to monitor conditions, meet with detainees and provide paralegal intervention and legal representation. We represent some of the most vulnerable people in Israel and advocate for government policies consistent with a just, equal and democratic Israel.

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Torture, Death at Sea: What Awaits Asylum Seekers Israel Deports

First published in Haaretz Increased removal” is how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, called the new policy in which asylum seekers will be required to choose between leaving Israel for Rwanda and being jailed indefinitely. Until now, deportations...
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A Line to Nowhere on the Streets of South Tel Aviv

Imagine having to sleep on the streets to reserve your place in a line for the following day just to be able to submit a form at a government office whose job it is to receive these very forms. Now imagine if submitting...
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“Through Hidden Corridors” Hotline’s new report reveals new trends in human trafficking which exploit the asylum system in Israel

“It’s no problem to find someone who’ll help you get to Israel. There are thousands of results online. I went to a company who offered to help me for $1,200. I was afraid they were conning me because this business is thriving. People...
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