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Say “No” to brokerage fees! Say “Yes” to bilateral agreements.

The government has decided to move forward with its decision to bring in 20,000 Chinese construction workers to the country without a bilateral trade agreement. These trade agreements ensure that foreign workers receive the same rights and benefits as domestic workers when they come to Israel. Without them, many workers end up paying incredibly high brokerage-fees (up to 30,000 dollars) in order to get to the country. These fees make it so that workers are already in debt when they come here, making them easy targets for exploitations. Since they are already in debt, they feel powerless to complain about poor working conditions or unionize if they are over-worked or under paid. Currently the government has bilateral agreements for construction workers with Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, yet they are choosing not to use them.

Help us by spreading the video below and put pressure on the government to avoid this populist decision which will enrich the pockets of parties with vested interests, but hurt us as a society!

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