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New report by The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants: NO WAY OUT

The research report, written by Adv. Menahem Kanafi, Israel’s former Ambassador to Eritrea, discusses the painful reality of de facto stateless individuals who want to return to their countries of origin but are unable to prove their connection to their country because they lack documents proving citizenship.Thus, they fall into the never-ending cycle of imprisonment and release without rights, with no way to regulate their status.
In many cases, the State of Israel treats these migrants as if they were not cooperating with their removal and presents them with two options: detention or deportation with Israeli travel documents that are not accepted in the countries of origin. This is what happened to Dialo, who agreed to return to his country, Guinea in 2015. When he arrived with Israeli documents, his entry was denied and he was put on a flight back to Israel.
The report proposes new and creative methods through which the State can help these migrants return to their countries and break the endless cycle of long-term detention.
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