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My name is Anwar Suliman and I am raising money for the Hotline – by running!

My name is Anwar Suliman and I am raising money for the Hotline by running in the Tel Aviv Night Run on October 31st. The Hotline is an organisation that I have been involved with for many years. I have sat with my colleagues at the Hotline in the High Court, at hearings in the Knesset, and in front of the media. In the Hotline I have found partners, who work with the community and for the community, to protect our rights.

I have been in Israel for 8 years after fleeing Sudan, where it became dangerous for me because I spoke out against the genocide in my native Darfur. When I first arrived to Israel, there was public sympathy for the refugees from Darfur, and I thought that in Israel I would live peacefully until hopefully one day I could return to my home. But over the years, I have seen the government and the public turn their hearts against us. That’s why I got involved with the Hotline and we began our fight in the court.

The policy of the Israeli government is not right from the human rights perspective. This is why we need Israeli organisations like the Hotline, with people who know the legal system, who will assist us to obtain the rights we deserve as refugees. I see the successes that the Hotline has managed to achieve with dedicated staff and volunteers and think that with more resources, the Hotline will be able to accomplish so much more.

The Israeli government claims to have a proper asylum system, but that can’t be true, because I have not received an answer to my asylum application which I submitted 4 years ago. And I can assure you, that although I never planned to be, I am indeed a refugee. I hope that with the pressure applied by the Hotline, I will soon be awarded refugee status, so that I can live without the fear of deportation. Please sponsor me in my efforts to raise funds for the organisation that represents me and others like me.