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Let Us Be Free – Haggadah featuring art of asylum seeker in Israel

In anticipation of the upcoming Passover holiday, we are excited to share with you a special Haggadah that we produced: “Let Us Be Free“. All incomes from the sale of the Haggadah will be used as donation to the Hotline’s activities.

Let Us Be Free” combines the full text of the Haggadah in Hebrew, English, and English transliteration – alongside paintings, photographs, poetry, and testimonies by asylum seekers.

Every year we sit down at the Seder table to tell the Exodus from Egypt – to tell the painful story about slavery and the long way to freedom. This year we invite you to bring to the Seder table another story about slavery and the journey to freedom that goes through the Sinai Desert. We invite you to enjoy the rich artwork created by asylum seekers who live in Israel but are still on the journey to the Promised Land.

In addition, you can purchase the Haggadah as a part of Kuchinate – African Refugee Women’s Collective’s Passover basket, including also a cover and a basket for the matzah.

Kuchinate is a collective of African asylum-seeking women, and it provides psychosocial support based on art, community, education, and economic empowerment in a safe space for survivors of abuse, trafficking, and torture. The women in the collective make a living from knitting baskets and spectacular textile products from their handicrafts.

To purchase the Haggadah press here