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“I never told anyone what happened to me in the Sinai”

The article “I never told anyone what happened to me in the Sinai“, written by our Public Policy Director Sigal Rozen and published as chapter 13 in the book Mobile Africa: Human Trafficking and the Digital Divide, from the book series: Connected and Mobile: Migration and Human Trafficking in Africa. 
The article aims to describe the conduct of Israeli State authorities towards survivors of the torture camps, among whom are survivors of trafficking and slavery, and to elaborate on why most of these survivors are not recognised as such and do not enjoy the rights they deserve according to the international conventions signed by Israel and under the national laws of Israel.The article reviews policy changes since 2009 and describes the situation of these trafficking and torture survivors up to 2016, seven years after the first survivor arrived in Israel.
In June 2010, after discovering the phenomenon of torture for ransom in Sinai, we initiated a discussion in the Parliamentary Committee against Trafficking in Women. After this discussion, then-head Committee MK Orit Zuaretz called upon the authorities to find a suitable solution for Sinai torture survivors. Since that request, a decade passed, during which we never stopped advocating for Sinai survivors’ rights. It is time for the government to finally act according to its own recommendations and assist the torture survivors who remain one of the most vulnerable populations in Israel.
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