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New report: Double Vulnerability

New report by The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants –

Double Vulnerability: Women and LGBTQI Refugees and Migrants in the Israeli Asylum and Immigration System


The report is the first to explore every aspect of the Hotline’s activity – Israel’s asylum system; trafficking victims’ rights; and the arrest and incarceration of migrants and asylum seekers – through a gendered perspective. It puts a spotlight on those living in the margins of Israel’s migrant and asylum seeker communities.

The report relies upon the United Nations Refugee Convention and The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), both of which were both signed and ratified by Israel; Multiple UN resolutions, as well as court decisions from around the world pertaining to LGBTQI and women asylum seekers fleeing gender-based persecution; And  the Ministry of Interior’s regulations and procedures regarding the asylum system and the recognition of human trafficking victims.

The report is also based on many cases of women and LGBTQI migrants and asylum seekers the HRM has represented over the years. The report shows that invasive questions asked in asylum and human trafficking interviews, and the humiliation of asylum seekers and migrants in visa renewal procedures, cannot be dismissed as individual mishaps. The Population and Immigration Authority systematically humiliates and hurts women and LGBTQI migrants and asylum seekers. This suffering could be easily avoided if the system made this a priority. It is particularly shameful that Israel, which takes such pride in its liberalism and openness to the LGBTQI community, treats asylum seekers fleeing gender-based persecution so badly.

Based on the findings of this report, we call on the State of Israel to comply with the conventions it has ratified and to join the Istanbul Convention.


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