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Running With Refugees!

Osman Ali knows how to run. In 2008 he ran for his life after jumping out the back of a toilet block when he was taken out of jail for one night. He had been in Sudanese military prison for 6 months for refusing to fight against his own people in Darfur. When he jumped out the window the guards who were waiting for him out the front heard. They started shooting at him. But Ali kept running and running. Only when he stopped running did he realize that he had been shot.

Ali has been imprisoned 7 times in his life, not once was he guilty of a crime. The seventh round began in October 2015 when he was summonsed to the Holot detention centre for 12 months. Holot was established to make the lives of refugees so miserable that they return to the places of danger that they ran from. But the government did not succeed to break Ali’s spirit. Instead Ali used the time to write his blog, to teach English to other detainees, and of course, to run. Ali has run all over Israel – he has competed in half marathons in Kiriyat Shmona, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ashdod. When he was in detention in Holot he even left for the day to compete in the Herzilya 5km run –he placed 5th in the country.

The Tel Aviv Night Run (10km) is coming up on October 31st. Ali, together with the Hotline, is inviting you to take part in our team of Israelis and refugees running together. Ali will be leading an 8 week training camp in Tel Aviv through September and October to get us ready for the run. On October 31st we will show the world that there are Israelis who not only stand together with refugees, but also run together!

Will you join our team?
It will be a public act of solidarity. This run has become quintessentially Tel Aviv and it is the perfect time and place to show that refugees and Israelis belong on the same team.
Every member of the team will be asked to lead their own crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Hotline. The struggle for the rights of refugees like Ali requires financial resources. Helping us raise them is a meaningful way to support our cause. We will help you with your campaign, and in return you will get free training from a top athlete, the opportunity to take part in this special team and a whole lot of endorphins.

Join our team.