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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to defend and further the rights of refugees, migrants and prevent trafficking in persons in Israel. We are committed to ending the exploitation of migrants and abuse of refugees, and promote just government policies that take the rights of migrants and refugees into account. We seek to be the herald of the people whose voices are unheard in Israel’s public sphere and to build a just, equal and democratic society in Israel.

Alternative to Child Detention in Israel

Israeli Government Responds to High Court Ruling

On September 22, the High Court of Justice voided the 4th amendment to the Anti-Infiltration Law (read a partial summary of the ruling in English). A year ago, the Knesset passed the 4th amendment to the Anti-Infiltration Law that mandated a one-year detention...
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Hate Crimes Against Refugees in Israel Go Unabated

Written by: Noam Weiss and Elizabeth Tsurkov Hate crimes against asylum-seekers rarely receive media coverage or public attention in Israel, but they continue unabated and most of the perpetrators are never brought to justice. The victims are afraid of filing complaints with the...
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Darfuri Refugee: “I Can’t Go Back to Another Prison”


Adam (not his real name), a survivor of the genocide in Darfur, has been living in Israel for nine years. In early 2008 he did not received the temporary residency status all his Darfuri friends received due to failures of the Ministry of Interior. When he managed to find work even with his “conditional release” visa, Adam stopped frequenting the Ministry of Interior offices and made do with the status he had. Now that he was summoned to Holot because he lacks temporary residency, he feels he cannot go back to prison again. The Ministry of Interior offered Adam to leave Israel instead of being jailed, and he agreed to leave to any country that is not Sudan, but the queue of people “willing” to leave is long, and the Ministry of Interior does not allow those in line to continue with their lives. Adam has to hide until the time of his departure to a country he’s never been to, another country where he hopes to find asylum and there’s no guarantee that he will.

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