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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is Israel’s leading organization protecting the rights of refugees, migrants workers and victims of human trafficking. For over 15 years Hotline staff and volunteers have been visiting Israel’s immigration detention centers to monitor conditions, meet with detainees and provide paralegal intervention and legal representation. We represent some of the most vulnerable people in Israel and advocate for government policies consistent with a just, equal and democratic Israel.

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Support The Hotline for Passover

Hamutal's Painting
Whilst we celebrate our freedom on Pesach, please enable us to help those who are not free by making a donation. Your giving will go toward protecting the most vulnerable asylum-seekers from detention in Holot- those who fled genocide in Darfur, dictatorship in...
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Intentional Overcrowding, Insufficient Food, Lack of Interpreters and Lack of Sufficient Access to Health Services and Legal Representation: A New Report From the Hotline

Holot detention center.
The new monitoring report from the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants assess the four detention facilities which currently hold around 5,000 asylum-seekers and migrants: Saharonim Prison, Givon Prison, the Holot Open-Detention Facility, and the Yahalom Facility located in Ben Gurion Airport. The report is...
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Why I will continue to “Be Transparent”

I came to Israel, because as a young Jew in America, I was raised to believe that to be Jewish meant to champion a world of parity, justice, and peace; a world different from the one our grandparents suffered in Europe in 40’s....
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