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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is Israel’s leading organization protecting the rights of refugees, migrants workers and victims of human trafficking. For over 15 years Hotline staff and volunteers have been visiting Israel’s immigration detention centers to monitor conditions, meet with detainees and provide paralegal intervention and legal representation. We represent some of the most vulnerable people in Israel and advocate for government policies consistent with a just, equal and democratic Israel.

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An Invitation to the Movie “Hotline”

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This coming Thursday, October 15, screenings of the movie Hotline will begin at the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Sderot Cinemateques. The movie, directed by Silvina Landsman, documents the work of the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants activists during 2012. In this link you...
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The New Torture Camps for Eritrean Asylum-Seekers

Protest in front of Saharonim prison,Israel,31.08.2012
The halt in operation of the Sinai torture camps has not stopped the abuse of Eritrean asylum-seekers. Thousands of Eritreans flee their homeland every month due to the dictatorial nature of the regime in Asmara and the indefinite forced-labor service all Eritreans must...
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The farce of Israel’s ‘voluntary deportation’ policy

After fleeing Eritrea and being tortured in Egypt, the Israeli government gave Daniel two choices: either voluntarily deport yourself to Rwanda or go to prison. By: Sigal Rozen “You see this one? When they’ll come to take everybody, this one I’ll hide in...
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