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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is Israel’s leading organization protecting the rights of refugees, migrants workers and victims of human trafficking. For over 15 years Hotline staff and volunteers have been visiting Israel’s immigration detention centers to monitor conditions, meet with detainees and provide paralegal intervention and legal representation. We represent some of the most vulnerable people in Israel and advocate for government policies consistent with a just, equal and democratic Israel.

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New Hotline report on the Holot detention facility exposes grave shortcomings

The newly released report from the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, titled “Rwanda or Saharonim”, exposes the situation of asylum seekers detained in Holot, some who have been there for as long as 19 months. Their detention is lawful under the recent amendment...
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Israel doesn’t need to deport refugees to make them leave


The purpose of all these different policies is to pressure asylum-seekers to leave without forcibly returning them to their homelands. Ministry of Interior representatives, outside and especially inside detention facilities, pressure asylum-seekers to “agree” to leave to their countries of origin or to Uganda or Rwanda.

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“I Believed Israel that I Will Find Shelter in Uganda”

The following is a redacted version of an affidavit that was attached to a petition filed by Israeli human rights NGOs and the Tel Aviv University Refugee Rights’ Clinic against the recently announced policy of indefinitely incarcerating Eritrean and Sudanese asylum-seekers who refuse...
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