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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to defend and further the rights of refugees, migrants and prevent trafficking in persons in Israel. We are committed to ending the exploitation of migrants and abuse of refugees, and promote just government policies that take the rights of migrants and refugees into account. We seek to be the herald of the people whose voices are unheard in Israel’s public sphere and to build a just, equal and democratic society in Israel.

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Ministry of Interior Ignores Needs of Asylum-Seekers with Disabilities

The pressure exerted on asylum-seekers in Israel is multifaceted and includes bureaucratic hurdles and abuse by the Ministry of Interior, which make the lives of asylum-seekers outside of detention in Israel very difficult. Haile (not her real name) and her partner’s story is...
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Asylum-Seekers Coerced to Leave Israel Endure Persecution, Torture

A new report published by Hotline for Refugees and Migrants and ASSAF – aid organization for refugees and asylum seekers in Israel, exposes consequential flaws in the “voluntary” return procedure, under which 9,026 African asylum seekers have left Israel over the past two...
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Finally free, after 8 months of false arrest

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Cumulative failings of the Israeli Ministry of Interior kept Semere in detention for eight months and four years without a visa. Thanks to the Hotline’s intervention, Semere is now free, but frustrated that his basic rights and liberty were deprived for such a...
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