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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to defend and further the rights of refugees, migrants and prevent trafficking in persons in Israel. We are committed to ending the exploitation of migrants and abuse of refugees, and promote just government policies that take the rights of migrants and refugees into account. We seek to be the herald of the people whose voices are unheard in Israel’s public sphere and to build a just, equal and democratic society in Israel.

Alternative to Child Detention in Israel

The Struggle for Recognition of Human Trafficking Victims

Protest in front of Saharonim prison,Israel,31.08.2012
Written by: Elizabeth Tsurkov *Trigger warning: The post contains a testimony detailing torture* Hundreds of asylum-seekers who had survived the Sinai torture camps were jailed in Israel under different version of the Anti-Infiltration Law since the summer of 2012. The last group that...
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International Migrants Day in Tel Aviv

yom hamehagercover2-2
International Migrants Day is marked annually throughout the world to celebrate the contributions of migrants to the countries they reside in. This is the 15th year in which human rights organizations and the Tel Aviv Cinematheque mark the day simultaneously with cultural events...
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41 Asylum-Seekers Detained Since 2012 to be Released

Last month, the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants filed a case to the High Court of Justice on behalf of 138 asylum-seekers who’ve been detained for nearly 30 months without trial in Israel. In response to the petition, the Ministry of Interior released...
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